Superior Wheelchair Lifts

Gain easy access to residential and commercial spaces. with wheelchair lifts from Total Access that are both versatile and durable. We offer a variety of models including vertical and inclined platform lifts and lifts with factory enclosures for indoor and outdoor use.

Total Access offers Commecial Wheelchair Lifts

Commercial Wheelchair Lifts

Wheelchair lifts are a necessity to meet the needs of employees and visitors who have difficulty with stairs to enter and leave a building as well as access multiple floors. Different sizes and prices are available to fit your needs.

Total Access offers Residential Wheelchair Lifts

Residential Wheelchair Lifts

a residential wheelchair lift can create independence allowing wheelchair users and others who have difficulty with stairs access in and out of their homes and between floors of the home.

There’s a Wheelchair Lift that Fits Your Need

With over 25 years of experience, Total Access LLC’s friendly, experienced team will help you find a lift that fits your project requirements and budget.

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Vertical Platform Lifts (VPL)

Commercial Vertical Platform Lifts

Total Access offers commercial vertical platform lifts with custom enclosures


Commercial vertical platform lifts are a perfect way to provide access to places where an elevator isn’t practical such as stages and mezzanines.

Total Access has the accessibility expertise to assist with your accessibility compliance.


Residential Vertical Platform Lifts

Total Access offers residential vertical platform lifts with custom enclosures


A Residential vertical platform lift might be just what you need to create the freedom of movement you want in your home.

Total Access provides a free evaluation to help you select the appropriate lift model.

Total Access offers Commercial Vertical Platform Lifts in factory enclosures

Vertical Platform Lifts in Factory Enclosures

A vertical platform lift in a factory enclosure enables you to provide accessibility with minimal installation construction.

It’s a wheelchair lift that is perfect for both indoors and outdoors with  door and gate automation available

Incline Platform Lifts (IPL)

Straight Incline Platform Lifts

Total Access offers traight inclined platform wheelchair lifts


Straight incline platform lifts are available for both commercial and residential use with little to no construction.

A flexible solution, the platform folds for foot traffic when not in use.

Curved Incline Platform Lifts

Total Access offers curved inclined platform wheelchair lifts


Curved incline platform lifts are often the best alternative for stairs and turns and can be stored away from the stairway when not in use.

They can hold up to 660 lb capacity meeting both ADA compliancy and public building access requirements