State-of-the-Art Residential Elevators

Residential elevators take the effort out of accessing the different floors of a home. Residential elevators can be installed for multiple floors with customizable interiors to fit your needs.

Safe and Convenient Home Elevators

You’ll never have to worry about safety with our residential elevators. Today’s state-of-the-art home elevators are safe and convenient, made with the best materials, electronics and safety features including door interlocks.

You can upgrade a residential elevator with additional features including:

  • A selection of cab interior materials and finishes
  • Gate colors and automation
  • Fixture finishes
  • Cab dimensions

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Trust Total Access to help you plan and install

Whether you’re designing or building a new home or want to add an elevator to an existing home, the Total Access team will work with your architect and/or builder to help design the right elevator for your site conditions.

Total Access sells and installs residential home elevators

Now Featuring

Vuelift home elevator by Avaria

Vuelift Home Elevators by Savaria

Vuelift residential elevators utilize state of the art design to create architectural elegance through panoramic views. Built with the finest materials, they install with ease.

Duo Alta Home Lifts by Stiltz

Siltz Duo Alta residential lifts provide an uplifting experience based on intelligent technology. Flexibility of placement make their simple and secure lifts the right option for a variety of installations.

Duo Alta home lifts have the smallest footprint of any home lift or elevator and require minimum site preparation.

 Duo Alta rhome lifts from Stiltz