Efficient and Capable LU/LA Elevators

LU/LA elevators are elevators that have limited use (LU) and limited applications (LA) when compared to standard commercial elevators. Designed primarily for providing accessibility, LU/LA elevators are limited in size and maximum travel distance, but otherwise operate the same as other commercial elevators.

Total Access sells and installs LU/LA Elevators

Why a Limited Use / Limited Application Elevator

For the right application, there are compelling reasons to use a LU/LA elevator instead of either a full commercial elevator or a vertical-platform wheelchair lift.

LU/LA is less costly than a full commercial elevator

Compared to a full commercial elevator, a LU/LA elevator costs less to install, utilizes less floor space, and consumes less power.

LU/LA has more capacity than a vertical platform lift

Not only does a LU/LA elevator provide more lifting power than a VPL, the controls operate like a full-size elevator and do not require the continuous pressure that VPL controls do.

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More than an Accessibility Solution

Not just a way to provide accessibility, LU/LA elevators are often the right solution for smaller buildings with limited budgets and space.

Total Access can guide your decision

With over 25 years of experience, the helpful team from Total Access can work with you to determine if a LU/LA elevator meets your requirements.

Total Access sells and installs LU/LA elevators