Total Access installs LU/LA elevators

Total Access sells and installs LU/LA elevators

Efficient and Capable LU/LA Elevators

LU/LA elevators are elevators that have limited use (LU) and limited applications (LA) when compared to standard commercial elevators. Designed primarily for providing accessibility, LU/LA elevators are limited in size and maximum travel distance, but otherwise operate the same as other commercial elevators.

LU/LA is less costly than a full commercial elevator

Compared to a full commercial elevator, a LU/LA elevator costs less to install, utilizes less floor space, and consumes less power.

LU/LA has more capacity than a vertical platform lift

Not only does a LU/LA elevator provide more lifting power than a VPL, the controls operate like a full-size elevator and do not require the continuous pressure that VPL controls do.

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